The ECMP Laboratory is an optical spectroscopy lab at the Physics Department of the University of Cyprus (UCY). The lab became operational within 2009 via start-up funds from UCY and upgraded on 2011 via a Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation Infrastructure Grand.

  The lab facilities support a variety of steady-state and time-resolved optical and magneto-optical spectroscopic techniques in the UV/Vis/Near-IR, in the 10-450K temperature range.

   Current lab activities concentrate on the photophysics of hybrid semiconductors and in particular on processes such as exciton recombination, energy and charge transfer across the heterointerfaces. Bulk heterojunctions of solution-processed materials such as colloidal QDs, conjugated polymers and fullerenes as well as layered heterostructures of the aforementioned materials with epitaxial quantum wells and nanowires for light emitting and light harvesting applications, are being investigated.


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (ECMP) Laboratory